Design Over the past few years I have been fortunate to be hired for a few design jobs. Some for companies who admired my work, some for friends. Here are a few examples of posters, forms and deliverables I have Read More …


Deer I worked with shape and form while highlighting the natural beauty of wood grain. I wanted to create a piece that illustrated many shapes coming together to form a more distinct shape. This piece started off as a simple Read More …

Little Free Library

Little Free Library With background in construction, I have developed an affinity for craft and working with my hands. I made this little free library as a gift for a family member. It is entirely designed and built from scratch.

Book Hanger

Book Hanger I wanted to make a device that would keep my place in a book and display the book while I was not reading it. The book hanger is made of plywood with a digital print laminated to it.